Bacon and herb crusted cod

Once on a cooking program the focus was on bacon. One of the food critics called it “natures perfect food” and I have to agree. I love the rich, salty taste and how it goes with pretty much everything. Saying that I haven’t tried it with a dessert but perhaps that is for a reason. … Continue reading

Lemon and apple chicken with swede and parsnip mash

The first day of 2014 arrived with poring rain and howling winds. I didn’t feel like going outside at all and it was a day for comfort food. I had some chicken breasts that I wanted to cook for dinner. I took a look in my fruit bowl and decided to make lemon chicken, I … Continue reading

Bangers and swede mash with onion gravy

Yesterday we were debating about dinner, there were various suggestions on the table but in the end we settled for bangers and mash. The cold weather demands comfort food and this dish is way up there! There is a lot of produce at the allotment still and we picked the first swede of the season! We have … Continue reading

Classic roast chicken dinner with an Asian twist

I love Sunday dinners, they can take their time, it fills the house with inviting smells, allowing the hunger to build up and to properly sit down and eat together. The classic roast chicken is cooked whole filled with lemon and thyme. I added a whole garlic to the stuffing and some cracked black pepper. … Continue reading