Roasted cherry tomatoes and mozarella salad

Every year I plan to do a “Bridget Jones”, i.e write Christmas cards accompanied by a bottle of wine sitting in my living room feeling all ready for Christmas. She isn’t known to be well organised but I like the idea of the wine. My reality is instead that Christmas always seems to creep up … Continue reading

A summer barbecue in sunny Kent and that pizza oven

Hosting a barbecue in the UK can be a bit of a gamble. The weather is less than reliable and rain never seems to be far off! This weekend we were off to Kent for a nice summer barbecue at Oli and Amanda’s and everyone was asking the question “do you think it will rain?” … Continue reading

French/Italian influence in Barrio Gotico

Barcelona is a city blessed with culture and good food. There are some industrial sized churches that makes some factories in Magnitogorsk seem small and that says something! We only got a peak in this one but went to see the cathedral. It was very impressive, no expenses spared and a wonderful building. The ceiling height is … Continue reading

Food for body and mind – lamb pot au feu

I have a friend who comes to visit me once a year. She leaves family and all the every day obligations behind and we spend our time catching up on life in general and as she is also a foodie, talk about and make food. We are both cooks but come from different angles. I … Continue reading