Cottage Cheese & Ham “Malfatti”

Cottage Cheese Malfatti

Left overs, a curse or a blessing? A friend of mine doesn’t like left overs. I can’t quite get to the bottom of why but I love them. They usually mean I don’t have to do too much cooking and it is always a challenge to transform them to a new dish. I had some … Continue reading

Perfect pizza on the pizza steel

pepperoni and mushroom pizza

Sometimes the most simple combinations make delicious food. Pasta is amazing, egg, flour and semolina and you have a wonderful product. Pizza is the same, you combine bread, tomato sauce and cheese and you have an instantly delicious meal. You can make it your own by adding your favorites toppings in unique and endless combinations … Continue reading

Herring with chunky, cheesy polenta chips and tomato sauce

It happened again, I went to the fishmongers for some cod and came home with herring. It looked so fresh and it is bang in season. I love to hear and learn about the seasonality of fish. There were some crabs but they were a bit on the small side so I wasn’t tempted. The … Continue reading