Bacon naan and a foodie feast for the eye at Borough Market

I stayed in London after the McQueen exhibition, there was still lots to catch up on with Sarah. We woke up to a sunny but cold London morning. Somehow sunshine always makes the day a little better and we took it easy before heading to Dishoom for breakfast. Dishoom serves Indian street food tapas style and is one of my favourite London restaurants. Their food is full of flavour but light and delicious. They are open all day and their bacon naan is great, it really hits the spot. I went to their new venue at Kings Cross, the space is big, very big with lots of raw materials and the feeling is funky.






The bacon naan with sweet and spicy “ketchup”



Accompanied with delicious chai I felt ready for the world in general and Borough Market in particular. Saying that as I suspected on a Saturday it was jam packed with people, crazy is the word. It still doesn’t stop the place from being one of the greatest foodie destinations in London.


There is so much bread you could get any kind imaginable.




There is a great variety of salamis, I liked the look of this one, covered in bees wax!




There is enough cheese stalls to satisfy even the most avid cheese lover. Some of the cheeses have amazing flavours and textures and I have to use all my willpower not to spend a fortune, it could be done so quickly!








English pancetta, doesn’t it look just amazing?



The cakes and buns are plentiful, I don’t have a sweet tooth but they looked so inviting!






I left having only bought one piece of cheese feeling quite proud of myself but my next stop was the Oriental shops in and near Chinatown and I knew my bag would be full and very heavy after that but it is always worth it and I have plans for that cheese…





One Response to “Bacon naan and a foodie feast for the eye at Borough Market”
  1. Love Borough Market! Very jealous!!

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