skate cheeks and courgette
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skate cheeks and courgette

Skate cheeks and courgette

Yesterday I saw something I haven’t seen before at the fishmongers. Even if I don’t need fish I still get my eggs there and this is what I went there for. As I was waiting for my turn I saw that I thought was cod cheeks. I have never seen cod cheeks there so I … Continue reading


Seafood street party

Have you tried exchanging goods vs favours instead of using money? My neighbour does the most amazing meringues and was asked if she could make some for a friend. The friend offered to pay but this was rejected. The friend still wanted to give something back and when her son came home after a very … Continue reading

Trout with wild fennel and lemon

Wild fennel poached trout with courgette taziki

There was a knock on the door and my neighbour, who had been fishing in the morning stood there with a big smile and a trout. The catch had been plentiful and he was triumphantly holding up a lovely trout for me. It had been caught just before going home so it was incredibly fresh … Continue reading

Spicy cranberry salad with paneer cheese

Ancho chile and cranberry salad with paneer cheese

This morning I opened my eyes and did what I usually do, I reached for my phone to see what is going on in the world. I was faced with images and stories of violence from what happened in Nice, France last night. I can’t imagine any God, no matter what religion that would approve … Continue reading

dosai at the ambrette, Margate

A day in Margate and lunch at The Ambrette

What do you do when you have a whole day to do anything you like? I didn’t want to stray too far from home but wanted to go somewhere. In the end we decided to go to Margate. We did the same thing last year and we figured doing it two years on a row … Continue reading

Pulled cured lamb salad with cauliflower soup

Cured, pulled lamb with cauliflower soup

Soup and bread is a perfect combination. The cauliflower season has started and all of the sudden there is local, big heads of cauliflower for sale. I had some friends coming over and thought it would make a nice starter. Going home with my newly acquired cauliflower I stopped by the butcher and I saw … Continue reading

ricotta and courgette flower salad

Salad with home made ricotta

I have a bucket list of recipes I want to try out. I want to find new favourites and broaden my cooking horizon. Making ricotta has been on my to do list for a long time but I read that unpasteurised milk would be the best to use and I kept it in mind but … Continue reading

Scallop mousse stuffed courgette flower

Torbay sole with scallop stuffed courgette flower

The other day I saw a fish I have never seen before at the fishmonger and it was called Tobay sole. It had a pink hue and I was told it is similar in taste and texture to Dover sole. In fact I also got a funny story how the fishmonger decided to go for a … Continue reading

pea and asparagus salad at the Gilbert Scott bar

Lunch at the Gilbert Scott bar

When you have time lunch is a wonderful thing. I decided to catch up with a friend and we took our time. My friend is a mega foodie so I was happy not to make any decisions and just go with the flow and the main thing was to catch up. Even before we sat … Continue reading

cod with beetroot homous

Cod with beetroot hummus

I grew up on the Swedish west coast near Gothenburg where just about all fish came through to be distributed to all of Sweden. There was always a very large variety of fish available. The saying is that  you will always know who is from Gothenburg as we only eat cod, mackerel and herring. This always … Continue reading


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