Brilliant savarin and Bramley apple cheesecake

The first time I came across cheese cake was when I was seventeen and went to the USA. I don’t know why I had never come across this before but my love of cheese and not very sweet tooth loved this cake. The first one I tried was a classic with cherry jam and a … Continue reading


Squid ink and black garlic tapioca risotto

The fishmonger had squid ink in little sachets and ever since I spotted them I have been thinking of what to make. Black can be a bit of a strange colour for food but I thought a risotto might be nice. I didn’t have a recipe so this would be a bit experimental. My other purchase … Continue reading


Garlic and rosemary roast lamb with quince salsa

There was a request this week for a “proper” Sunday lunch. The one with a big, hearty roast, side dishes of greens and gravy. I got a shoulder of lamb, once in the oven it just cooks it self whilst filling the house with wonderful smells, teasing the tastebuds.  A slow roasted lab shoulder is  favourite … Continue reading


Quince butter

When I was little I always wanted to have a fruit orchard. One of my friends grand mom had one and every fall the trees were heavy with plums, apples and pears. We ate as much as we could and it was such a treat. Thinking back now I can’t remember what the family did … Continue reading


Artichoke with a rhubarb vinaigrette

If there is a day of the week that is my favourite it must be Saturdays. This is usually my foodie day. There is a market and I have time to have a walk around to the fishmonger, The Black Pig Butchers, the market stalls, one of them sells the best chicken sausages and I … Continue reading


Truffled skinny mac & cheese with sage roasted chicken

The weather is much colder with winds from the East. I turned the heat up and made sure we have a good supply of fire wood. The blankets have been washed and I feel ready to well, hibernate! As this isn’t an option the next on my list is comfort food and mac & cheese is … Continue reading


2015 foodie moments and munching on pork belly

2015 ended in a bit of a blur. I started a new job, it was mad busy to get everything wrapped up before Christmas and then there was Christmas. I filled the house with people and celebrated in true style! There was lots and lots of food and plenty of wine. The days between Christmas … Continue reading


Stuffed mushrooms

  Fancy a snack? The world is your oyster, depending on circumstances and availability. The other day I didn’t fancy a meal, lunch in this case but a snack seemed like a sensible option, something small but satisfying. I went to the kitchen to make a cheese toast but a punnet of mushrooms caught my … Continue reading


Crab salad with a lime and ginger dressing

As I walked passed the fishmonger the other day I saw a few crab claws. I needed some fish and got a good deal on the crab claws as they were the last ones.  I could eat crab claws every day, even better dipped in melted butter infused with garlic and chilli. I thought that … Continue reading


Gin and tonic cured salmon

Gin has a reputation as Mothers ruin. Have you ever seen the iconic image by the artist William Hogarth, Beer street and Gin lane? Beer street is thriving and prosperous, Gin lane is filled with misery  and death. This was made to show people that beer was far healthier than gin.     Image from … Continue reading


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