biscuit and sausage gravy

Weekend breakfast, buttermilk biscuit and sausage gravy

On weekdays I usually don’t have time to eat breakfast, I usually grab something about mid morning and don’t think any more of it. Weekends are different, I have time to plan something nice, do the shopping, cook and take my time over the weekend newspaper and have a catch up. Here are a few … Continue reading

loin of venison with dipping sauce

Loin of venison

This is the second part of the rack of venison that I bought and this part is the loin. The first part was venison ribs. I am not kidding, the ribs were just stunning but the loin was just as amazing in it’s own. The meat was softer and cooked just pink.   There was a … Continue reading

cured venison ribs

Wild fennel cured ribs of venison

I went to the butcher the other day to get a small piece of bavette steak. That was everything on my shopping list. As I walked into the Black Pig Butchers Lizzy put out a rack of venison. We were just having a chat and I got completely side tracked! I stopped talking and I just … Continue reading

Pork with garden vegetables and spaghetti squash

Pork with garden vegetables

Growing vegetables is great. You plant the seeds and wait. They need tlc, water, they like being talked to and some need an extra boost of nutrition every now and then. Before you know it the garden is filled to the brim and I am wondering how I will ever be able to use it all … Continue reading

Marinated courgette, marinated zucchini

Marinated courgette/zucchini

I made this as a side dish and it was so good I knew I had to give this it’s own blog! Rita, Rita cooks Italian has a lovely blog. Sometimes when you make blogging friends but as fast as they come, they sometimes disappear and you never know the reason. Rita hasn’t posted for … Continue reading

deep fried cockels

Deep fried foraged cockels

The other day when  it was time for a dog walk at the beach I saw a man and woman who were collecting something on the beach. I had to ask what they were doing and the man was super nice and told me that they were foraging for cockels. He also showed me what … Continue reading

savoury meringue beef canape

Savoury meringue canapés

For some reason I have never made my own steak sauce. This could be because I usually eat my steak with garlic butter or sauce Bearnaise but it could also be because I needed to find a truly inspiring recipe.  When I read the very Angie’s, Fiesta Friday, steak sauce recipe I knew it was … Continue reading

pastado with courgette salsa

Pastados with courgette/zucchini salsa

The garden and the allotment are currently overflowing with produce. I am doing my best to cook with squash, beans, courgette/zucchini and the tomatoes have just started to ripen. Still to come but not quite there yet are the chillies. They are abundant and I am hoping this year to get some naga chillies, fingers … Continue reading

Fishing boats and sunrise

A day by the beach, cockel and French bean chowder

Lately we had a bit of a mini heatwave. It doesn’t happen here too often so it is a bit of a treat. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of a day by the sea. The sun rises over the beach and it is just gorgeous. All I need to do it set my … Continue reading

Uova da Raviolo, ravioli with egg inside

Uova da Raviolo, Ravioli with an egg yolk inside

Sometimes almost all I think about is about food and sometimes I seem to have a severe lack of inspiration. Lately inspiration seems to have been slightly lacking. I did the pop up and was inspired but I brought dishes I have cooked and tried before. I needed something new. I needed to challenge myself. … Continue reading


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