Braised rabbit and wild garlic pasta

Braised Rabbit Pasta

Grape squash braised rabbit with wild garlic pasta #rabbitragu #wildgarlicpasta

Hot and sour coconut chicken

I really fancied a Thai green curry. What I didn’t fancy was going to the shops to get the ingredients. I did a stock take at home and decided to make a hot and sour dish instead. I had all of the ingredients for it so I thought I would give it a go. In … Continue reading

Olive and grape tart

Sometimes I see a recipe and I just know I have to make it. This time I read a blog by Swayampurna, la Petitie Chef. She has made a beautiful savoury galette with grapes and olives. I had friends coming over and I wanted something I haven’t done before and I decided to make my own … Continue reading

Tart with crème patisserie and lots of fruit

A friend called with a lovely invite for a Sunday lunch, one of those mid afternoon, full on three course lunches that starts with, perhaps a g&t! I offered to make a starter or a dessert and this was greeted with great enthusiasm, even if underlined that I shouldn’t feel obliged. I thought it would … Continue reading

Shitake and fig vinegar dumplings

I saw some fig vinegar at Isaura’s, the cafe and deli down the road. It tasted just as amazing as it looked and it made me think of dumplings. I don’t know why but the combination sounded too good to miss. It was Easter and we were invited to our neighbors for Easter dinner and … Continue reading

Vindaloo inspired ribs with a crunchy, sour salad

After three weeks I am still discovering things to do and places to eat here. This weekend, at the market was a stall that caught my attention. It was a small stall selling meats and sausages that looked delicious. I bought some fennel and garlic sausages and some bacon for brunch and it was a … Continue reading

A fruit and berry tart

I don’t really have a sweet tooth and this is part of why I don’t make desserts very often. Well, that and the fact that I am usually to full to eat anything more after a starter and a main course. If I eat dessert I love fruit. If more restaurants had a fruit platter … Continue reading

Salmon, Marcona almonds and cheesy cauliflower bake

The other week I decided to go to Whole Foods on Kensington High street. They have a very large cheese selection and I wanted to have a browse around. Standing proud was a Langres Mons cheese. I had never seen it before and I wanted to try something new. It comes from the Champagne district, it is … Continue reading

Lamb Green Thai Curry

Last week one of my friends sent me a text message, asking what to do with whole, fresh almonds. I have never cooked with them but seen them in a recipe. They were then peeled and toasted whole in a pan. When we meet I was given a bag full of whole, fresh almonds! It was … Continue reading

Inspired by Irish stew on St Patrick’s day

I don’t have any Irish ties at all except some Irish friends but I felt inspired to make an Irish stew on St Patrick’s day! I am not sure I have ever set out to cook Irish foods before so I had to do some research online. It seemed that Irish stew is a little like Swedish … Continue reading