Beetroot and slow cooked beef

The allotment is now bursting with at least some of the veg and as always, everything is done at the same time! I have managed to use up 2 large marrows and finally made marrow jam! It works very nice with pork but today I ate some on toast and that was lovely as well! … Continue reading

Liqueur to keep warm on cold winter nights

I didn’t have any time to cook this week until today but I did go to Watasumi for dinner with my friends Thursday. I have been there a few times and every time I find something new that wows me! If you are ever near Trafalgar square in London, make time for this place, to … Continue reading

A travelling friend and a whole lot of jams!

I am not sure why but lately every week seems to whizz past at the speed of light! It is good as I seem to get loads done every day but never quite enough… This week was no exception but I had a lovely chicken fajita dinner at a friend’s house, just perfect after a … Continue reading