The Liebster award and cake

I have said it before but it is so true, blogging has enabled me to meet so many other lovely bloggers. Sometimes my interest of food takes over and sometimes I can make people glaze over a bit when I go in to foodie overdrive! Meeting other food bloggers means that it is about the … Continue reading

A Global Parmigiano Reggiano Award

I entered my first foodie competition, the Global Parmigiano Reggiano Award. The brief said to use only three ingredients, parmesan being one of them. It is really difficult to limit yourself to so few ingredients. I did a lot of thinking and when I walked past the fishmonger and spotted some lobster I got an idea. It … Continue reading

My Writing Process Blog Tour

I have always wanted to write. I sometimes miss being creative and it is currently being channeled in to my cooking but I love dressmaking, write, take pictures, make other people smile, you name it! My blog is a creative outlet that in some ways is even better than cooking, I can share it with … Continue reading

Sweet as chocolate cake, A lovely blog award

I woke up one  morning and before I did anything else I checked online what was going on with the world. I was very happy to read that the lovely Julianna, host of the delicious blog Foodie On Board had nominated me for One Lovely blog award! It made me jump out of bed with a … Continue reading