Porterstek, a very Swedish dish

There is a category of people I always feel a faint worry about cooking for, the ones who have what seems like an almost opposite pallet to my own. I love spices, chilli and garlic and use it in just about everything. This time I was looking for a nice recipe and the Swedish cuisine is … Continue reading

A little piece of holiday paradise

Pretty much on any normal day in my life I have a t do list that requires more time than there are hours in the day so when I go on holiday I love to chill out and one of my favourite places to do this is Naples Florida. The beach is long with soft, … Continue reading

Carb free dinner in less than 10 minutes

On the way home from work I was thinking about food and made myself feel starving! I had to have something and fast! At the butchers yesterday I finally found high quality Frankfurters! It was great as I have never found any before that are as good as these in London, as strange as it … Continue reading

Gearing up for Christmas and meeting a lovely little budding chef

With Christmas around the corner life simply seems to get more and more stressful, and in the middle it is time to start to enjoy Christmas and feel the spirit. I have started the Christmas preparations, wrapped presents, ordered a ham and a turkey at the local butcher and watched Christmas movies to get in … Continue reading

Liqueur to keep warm on cold winter nights

I didn’t have any time to cook this week until today but I did go to Watasumi for dinner with my friends Thursday. I have been there a few times and every time I find something new that wows me! If you are ever near Trafalgar square in London, make time for this place, to … Continue reading

Cured, slow roast pork belly – melt in your mouth soft and that crackling!

It has been another long week, Sunday night and now is time to have a think back. Last weekend was so lovely, Sussex is so green and so many flowers in bloom! This weekend was spent at home, the weather turned at the end of the week so perfect weather for a picnic! The allotment … Continue reading

A battle with blackberry thorns, a barbecue, jam tasting and Swedish comfort food

Everywhere I look I see apple trees full fruit and I can’t wait to get picking! Today I picked more blackberries, they are much harder to pick than apples, and the biggest and juiciest ones are always just that stretch away. It is so easy to forget the thorns, and today, the stinging nettles that … Continue reading

A brunch invitation

I love brunch, this time I have invited friends over for brunch food, at lunch time! It could be a lunch but I have included elements of breakfast as well to make it a bit lighter. The idea is to have a selection of foods, at least a few things for everyone. As I can … Continue reading

Food, friends, laughter and tears, a non typical summer holiday

This was a much anticipated summer holiday and all that was expected was lots of pretty much everything of the good life. We started off in crazy cool Miami with friends. Lots of Cuban influenced foods, often served with fried plantain, a member of the banana family. I have read about plantain but never tried … Continue reading

A New Year Celebration in style!

There was a lot of planning of the menu. No theme this time but it was leaning towards indulgent food as we were celebrating a New Year! It was an elaborate menu and a lovely evening! The perfect New Years eve! We started with  canapés, pate, salmon and mozzarella and cherry tomato, washed down with … Continue reading