Sunshine and barbecue, finished with spiced cherries and pineapple

Give me a weekend with half decent weather, no rain and I am happy with even smaller doses of sunshine and I can’t stop thinking about barbecue. This weekend lovely weather and plenty of sunshine was promised and well, do I need to say more?! We loaded up on charcoal, I still haven’t gotten around … Continue reading

Smoked mackerel pate

Fast food is a term that usually refers to unhealthy foods but smoked mackerel pate is so quick to make there are no excuses to get something ready made. It is so easy and it is ready in 10-15 minutes! We didn’t fancy a full on dinner and we also wanted something quite quick and easy. … Continue reading

Roast lamb with liquorice root and coca cola

A few days ago I read an article about venison and the chef used liquorice root. It wasn’t a recipe more just thoughts and ways he used it.  I was really excited when I found some in my local health food shop and bought a bag for today’s lamb that I bought yesterday at my … Continue reading

Fishfinger comfort with “carrot taziki”

The week was short but it still felt very long and Friday night I felt an urge for easy to cook comfort food. Last weeked I spoke to a friend about fishfingers. I haven’t had them for ages and decided that this would be my comfort food. I didn’t even feel like making any mash … Continue reading