Sometimes there is nothing like a good steak

I almost never get a cold and I really surprised myself when I realised I was due for a day in bed. I wasn’t completely¬†incapacitated¬†but nor was I going outside the front door. I had fever and that is about the only thing that really gets me. I slept for 3 more hours before starting … Continue reading

Beetroot and slow cooked beef

The allotment is now bursting with at least some of the veg and as always, everything is done at the same time! I have managed to use up 2 large marrows and finally made marrow jam! It works very nice with pork but today I ate some on toast and that was lovely as well! … Continue reading

A little piece of holiday paradise

Pretty much on any normal day in my life I have a t do list that requires more time than there are hours in the day so when I go on holiday I love to chill out and one of my favourite places to do this is Naples Florida. The beach is long with soft, … Continue reading