Not much time to prepare lead to a trio of starters and lamb two ways

A friend of mine and myself have been talking for a long time that he should come over for dinner whilst in London, for years actually and somehow it just never happened. We finally found a date and then of course the first thing I did was to start thinking about what to cook. He … Continue reading

A foodie dinner, all about flavour and textures

I woke up Saturday and was quite excited. My foodie friends who moved to Australia were going to come over for dinner! This was a great time to go all out, to cook well tested dishes as well as experiment with textures and flavours. I started shopping the day before at lunch. Waitrose had amazing … Continue reading

Happy 2012!

After a slightly volatile 2011 the best way to start 2012 was to give it as good a start as it is was possible, and what better place than the Langham Hotel, engulfed in not only luxury but also enjoying some of the best food in London at Roux at the Landau. We had a … Continue reading