Broad bean salad with pink peppercorn infused oil

Broadbean salad

With a new year comes new challenges. I never thought 2020 would be so disruptive in so many ways and even the phrase “back to normal” seems distant and unsure.  As we have spent time in lock down I am so grateful for having a garden and an allotment to spend time in. I have … Continue reading

Halumi stuffed pepper with black pudding crumble

Stuffed pepper on black pudding crumble

The weather is absolutely April at the moment. One moment it is sunny and warm and next the winds are freezing cold and I am missing my woolly hat! The weekend was beautiful and the garden is looking so summery already!     The warmer weather makes me want greener and lighter food. I stocked … Continue reading

Ramen salmon and halumi burger

Ever since I heard of a ramen burger I have been so curious to try one. I have never found them on any menu but one day I came across this blog and decided to make one myself. It seemed waiting to find one on a menu was a long way off. I had never … Continue reading

Tofu scrambled eggs

I had an evening on my own and sometimes it is quite nice to just cook something for myself. I can add anything I like and not give it a second thought. I had some silken tofu in the fridge that I wanted to use. A discussion about egg over lunch left me wanting eggs … Continue reading

Pork Belly and halumi hash

What is the best thing to do with cold cut meat? When we have some in the house we always have the same discussion. The man wants to eat it, cut in to chunks with a piece of toast, or possibly with mash, I most often prefer to eat it cooked somehow. Luckily we both … Continue reading

Sweet and hot pig cheeks to celebrate the Year of the Snake

Having fallen in love with beef cheeks I could not wait to try to cook pigs cheeks. With the Chinese New year just around the corner I actually called my butcher, Robson’s Butcher to pre order them. He stocks a large variety of meats but pigs cheeks have to be pre ordered. Apparently most of … Continue reading

Lamb kebab and red wine braised veg

I had such a great idea for dinner, lamb kebabs with feta and lemon. I got mince lamb and went home. At home I realised i did not have any lemon, nor did I have any feta cheese – what to do? I looked around and I decided to use Halumi cheese and apple instead. … Continue reading

Fish finger wrap

A KFC opened a few weeks ago just down the road from where I live and the demand for fast food seems quite steady. My idea of fast food is fish fingers, they take almost no time at all to cook and are readily available in the freezer. Fish finger wraps  fish fingers, 3-4 pp, cook for … Continue reading

Sweet potato pancake and halumi cheese

I love weekends, it is a great time to catch up on things around the house, meet friends for lunch or dinner and of course to cook! I had a very lazy morning today and by the time I pulled myself together it was brunch time! Every year we try to grow something new, this … Continue reading

Parmesan crusted pork and low GI veg studded wild rice

When I got home I stuck my head out to check on the tomatoes. From having looked a little sad they have really taken off lately and there are plenty of tomatoes coming, there is almost some to pick every day. Today was no difference and I got a nice handful. After a quick check … Continue reading