Luxuriously comforting fish pie


The past week has been challenging to say the least. Work is busy, I picked up a great pre Christmas order, I had plans to catch up with friends and go to my favorite London shops, we just finished a fun sushi pop up and all the December plans were to be made. In the … Continue reading

Healthy cottage cheese, kale and anchovy “pizza” with homemade tomato sauce

There are so many vegetables at the allotment at the moment and I want to eat as much as possible. For a snack I decided to make a tortilla “pizza”, I think tortillas are the perfect “fast to make” pizza, I had the smaller ones and one is a perfect snack or light bite size. … Continue reading

Carnitas – food to love

I had an idea that I wanted to make carnitas, a Mexican dish that is most often made of pork that is roasted or slow cooked and then served with tacos, tortillas or burritos. I wanted to make some and decided to start by doing some research first. There is no shortage of recipes and it seems … Continue reading

Asian spice rubbed roast pork belly with brussels sprout bake

It is so cold at the moment it is too early to do something at the allotment but there are still veg to pick. This weekend we picked Brussels sprouts and a small cabbage head, sadly the last of the cabbage. The beetroots and parsnips are still ok so we picked a few of those … Continue reading

Something very plain and simple the day after the party

Sometimes  get the question how long I spend cooking every day and where I get my inspiration, it is so easy to just have a few dishes that you know work and can be knocked up quite quickly. The answer is that I only really spend time doing more complicated or slow cooking dishes on … Continue reading

SpagBol Lasagne – left over dinner

I cooked way too much spaghetti bolognese for dinner and was left with another meal. I didn’t want to eat the same thing two days in a row so I decided to make a “lazy” lasagne, it was a great way to transform left overs. I had a bag of spinach and some mushrooms that needed using. … Continue reading

Light baking – Bacon and onion quiche

I have had so much on my mind lately sometimes it seems quite impossible to wind down when I get home. There is  lot going on, most good stuff but yesterday I had a million and one ideas in my head and decided that I needed to cook something, I also had a strange urge … Continue reading