Fire festival in Covent Garden

Last Friday I went to Covent Garden and there was a food market. It was a hot day and it got even hotter by all the BBQ’s going but it was worth it! The first stall I noticed was delicious smells from an Iranian BBQ.

Beef skewers

Chicken skewers

How did I know it was Iranian? The sign!

There was a hog roast that looked amazing

No food festival without Argentinian beef.

There was a stall with toffee vodka, chilled and on a hot summer day like that I could easily have added some soda water, lots of ice and enjoyed a very large drink!

Thai noodles were cooking away

Despite all the flavours and meat on display The Curry Tree caught my eye. I rarely do my own curries but this stand was displaying Goan curry mixes. With my new found interest for vegan foods I thought this would be a perfect match! Read here for more information about the products . I promptly bought some very interesting looking spice mixes. They have a restaurant Olde Goa where you can try authentic Goan food and also buy their spices.

The second stall that really caught my attention was the Swiss cheese stall. Mainly known for cheeses like Emmental and Gryere I here found one of the most amazing blue cheese I have ever tried! Am trying to find their name as their blue cheese made it way up there on my list of favourite cheeses, so nice I almost felt like bursting out in song! (Don’t worry I didn’t!)

In all it was great to have a walk around and I did come away with some cheese and spices that I am sure will give Goan flavoured influences to many dishes!

5 Responses to “Fire festival in Covent Garden”
  1. Sounds like fun. Argentinian beef is a must at a festival! Hope you have fun with your spices.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Caroline

      It was great but a bit sweaty! 🙂 Still better than rain! I did a Goan curry, blog to come, it was delicious!

  2. Kdonkey says:

    Is this on every Friday or was it just a one off. Looks great and if on every week will have to give it a gander…..

    • petra08 says:

      I think it was a one off but there is something every Thursday if I remember correctly. I just came across it when walking past (it was on my lunch hour) but would go if they do it again for sure!

  3. I like the cheeses too!!! How do they managed to keep them soft but not melting??? I’m enjoying this warm weather too.

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