A very Swedish trip

It is funny when you are an expat. It was more than fourteen years ago since I left Sweden but it will always be home, just like the UK is home. I guess home is part of where you have your friends and where you are feeling comfortable and I figure I got the best of both worlds! This time I took some time to go to my home town, Gothenburg before heading to Stockholm and I had a lovely time.


The trip didn’t come off to a great start, the flight was delayed more than two hours due to bad weather and we were stuck on the flight. I was seated next to a rather large man who seemed to take up all of his seat and half of mine. I felt slightly claustrophobic and was watching the rain pouring down outside the window.




We finally took off and I was so glad to land and even the welcome sign, clearly sponsored made me smile and feel at home!




I cooked a chicken casserole at midnight for lunch the next day, I couldn’t sleep and volunteered, it was served with rice and apparently it tasted good, I didn’t eat any as I was already on my way to see my next friend but it was nice to be able to help out.




Gothenburg was full of activities and crazy Swedes even had a sailing event on in the river, a bit tricky without any wind.




The weather let up in the evening and we went to a bar with a view, Heaven 23 at the top of Gothia Towers. The sun came out for the evening and we enjoyed sipping cocktails admiring the views over Liseberg.






Heaven 3 is famous for their prawn sandwiches and I couldn’t resist having one. It is pretty much mandatory!





The hotel has a spa and the pool is not for the faint hearted.




It was a great evening and after that we headed home to my friend for the weekend. We always have so much to talk about we talked and talked, all weekend stopping only to sleep.


The only break we took was after some shopping where we both bought magazines. My friend made what she called mochiiitos and no matter what she out in them they were delicious. We parked ourselves on the sofa, I had my drinks and then I quite promptly needed a nap.




We talked whilst cooking. I did a starter, tuna ceviche with langoustine.


Tuna ceviche

preparation time 15 minutes 

cooking time 0 minutes , but 10-0 minutes for resting before serving 

serves 6 as a starter 


  • 200 gram or 7 oz of tuna
  • 1 red chilli
  • 1 lime
  • 1 avocado
  • 1/2 red onion

Chop everything and mix, add the lime juice last. Let stand for 10-15 minutes and the tuna will “cook” in the lime juice.




Peel the langoustines, I took the claws off and served the ones I didn’t use on the side.




I used the langoustine tail and claw to serve the tuna ceviche with.





We ate the ceviche with crostini.




August/September is crayfish party time in Sweden and there are signs everywhere. Crayfish parties are often held in the country and large amount of crayfish are served (langoustines if you are from the West coast of Sweden like myself), bread, cheese and usually vast amounts of alcohol, eaten outside under the full moon wearing silly hats.




The main course was  poached salmon, guaccamole, roast potatoes and a hot and sour salad.










My friend did a delicious cake for dessert.




After another night staying up too late we finally went to bed for a few hours sleep. The following morning we ate some brunch and I had a new little friend.




Walking the dog we passed this amazing garden.




We took a trip down memory lane and headed to Tjolöholms Castle, a truly British Tudor castle in Sweden.





The views are beautiful.





We stopped at a farm shop where they had irresistible looking beets and cauliflower.





The farm is actually famous for selling horseradish, often eaten in Sweden grated with clarified butter on fish. We stopped for a Swedish “fika“, a coffee break, most often coffee with something sweet such as a cake or a cinnamon bun. The blueberry muffins looked delicious.






They had a cake they called Pinocchio




We ate the left over salmon as a starter the following day.





Early the following morning it was time to head to Stockholm. This was my last work trip and I had booked a table at Mister French in Stockholm, a restaurant on Skeppsbrokajen. I had never been before but it came highly recommended, especially the burgers so I thought we should try it.


The bar is beautiful.




Almost all of us opted for a burger and it was worth it.




A Viking ship sailed past, then you really know you are in the Nordics!




It was a great evening with plenty of food, wine and laughter. It was the last night out with my now ex colleagues and it was great. After this, and with a  slight hangover it was time to head back to the UK and my other home to set myself up for new adventures!

4 Responses to “A very Swedish trip”
  1. flippenblog says:

    Great trip. How I wish we could get cauliflower in yhose colours. We have only the whites variety here in SA.

    • petra08 says:

      Hi Elmarie

      it was so much fun! I found seeds to grow the purple cauliflower one year but I haven’t found them since, maybe next year! And I have to admit I was sad I couldn’t bring at least one home with me in the suitcase!

  2. Corina says:

    All the food looks amazing and your friend’s cake is mouthwatering.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Corina
      Thanks you, it was a great trip, both the friends, family and food wise! 🙂 And yes the cake was delicious!

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