Toasted Cobb nut stuffed Lambs Belly with veg bake

After my lamb crackling adventure I have been trying to think of other ways to cook it and I read a recipe with lamb belly comfit. I didn’t want to buy goose fat or beef dripping but decided to use olive oil instead. I asked the butcher to remove the bones and trim the belly when I bought it.

I love to cook produce that is in season and was delighted when I found Cobb nuts. I didn’t know they were ready yet!

Once peeled I chopped them up and toasted them to be added to the stuffing for the lamb belly.

Lamb belly stuffing

Grated rind from one lemon, (not waxed)
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 sprig of rosemary
1 sprig of tarragon
toasted Cobb nuts

Place the lamb belly on a chopping board and add the stuffing, as evenly as possible and roll it as tight as you can. The tie it up before cooking to keep the shape and the filling inside.

The lamb was gently poached in the olive oil for 1 hr and 45 minutes. Just enough time to make the meat fall apart tender.

Whilst the meat was cooking I wanted to make a veg bake. The allotment is finally full of produce so we picked a gorgeous marrow, a head of the purple cauliflower and some more savoy cabbage. To make sure the savoy cabbage was cooked I pre steamed it, also to wilt it slightly to take up less room!

When it was wilted I added it to the cauliflower, spring onion and marrow. We picked one of the biggest marrows, just a beauty!

I then did a cheese sauce made from semi skimmed milk and thickened with corn starch. I used two cheeses as cheese and veg is just such a great combo!

Goats cheese

Edam cheese

I poured the cheese sauce on top of the veg and baked for 45 minutes.

Once the lamb was ready I patted it dry to get rid of as much oil as possible and pan fried it in a hot, almost dry frying pan to give it a nice sear all around.

I then cut it up in slices.

I pan fried the sliced lamb belly to give it colour and to crip it up.

The veg bake came out nice and everything was cooked through.

I bought some lovely tomatoes and decided to cut some up and serve with the lambs belly, perfect. The meat was really rich but well worth the time as it was full of flavour and a little went a long way and even better with a nice bottle of Cote du Rhone.

I have decided to enter this to the Made with Love Mondays comeptition, fingers crossed!

6 Responses to “Toasted Cobb nut stuffed Lambs Belly with veg bake”
  1. Kdonkey says:

    Another great recipe. i’ve just eaten but could eat this easily. It’s actually made me hungry again.

  2. I’ve never cooked with lamb’s belly before, but this does sound delicious and love the different cheeses you used. Thanks so much for sharing with Made with Love Mondays and don’t worry, as long as the recipe is from scratch like this one, you can always share the recipe regardless of the option weekly themes. Regarding the badge, you should be able to copy and paste the badge code directly into your HTML editor, but as long as you provide a hyperlink back to Made with Love Mondays, you’re all set… Welcome to the series!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Javelin

      thank you! will kep a closer eye on the themes 🙂 Love the idea!
      Lamb’s belly is a great cut but it takes a little time to cook but it is worth it!

  3. This is delicious Petra, I like lambs belly. Roman people love lamb meat! Unfortunately, my husband is not keen on lamb, especially belly lamb (too fat for him!!). So I just look yours and dream. I love the veg too…!!!

    • petra08 says:

      Hi Rita

      I love lambs meat too! Perhaps try this for the belly, making it slightly less rich
      cure the belly for 24 hours
      then rinse and cook in 100C oven for 1.5 – 2 hours. Remove the fat and pull the meat. I did a pulled lamb sandwich (lamb meat mixed with creme fraiche and spices) as a starter when I once wasn’t sure if everyone liked lamb,

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