Fifty six hours in Sweden

Sweden 2018

Fifty six hours in Sweden is never enough

Halibut with wild rocket and more sushi

Halibut with wild rocket

Where did the summer go? I feel as if I have spent most of it in the kitchen. I remember days when it was so hot I didn’t want to put the oven on. The beach seemed to be the most sensible place as there is always a welcome breeze. The dogs don’t like swimming … Continue reading

It’s a sushi affair

Salmon Sushimi

About a year ago I got a stall at the market and launched my Hot Sauce. It was a great moment and since I can’t stop thinking about new recpies so the product range is ever growing with chilli jams, flavoured vinegars, spice blends and other products. On the back of the market I got … Continue reading

Gorgeous sushi at the Global Sushi Challenge – London

Sushi, one of my favourite things to eat, has an ancient and facinating history. It has evolved with time but sushi was originally fermented meat or fish, prepared for the puspose of preservation. Records goes back to the 2nd century. It wasn’t until between 1827 and 1829 that sushi and raw fish was combined and … Continue reading

Sushi and friends

It was a friend of mine’s birthday and no matter how much I thought about it I came up blank when it came to something to get for her. My imagination and creativity seems to have taken a temporary break. I know she doesn’t like cooking but loves to have friends around and hosts lovely parties. … Continue reading

Savage Beauty, cake spotting and a lovely sushi lunch

There is no way back for me now.  I’m going to take you on journeys you’ve never dreamed were possible. Alexander McQueen   A friend of mine called me to say that she had two tickets to the Alexander McQueen exhibition, Savage Beauty at the V&A Museum and she asked if I wanted to go with … Continue reading

A Dutch, foodie visit, crab sushi and a roasted dinner

Last week I had a cold that didn’t quite want to give way despite my steak. I think I have consumed a whole jar of honey, lemons and fresh ginger in large quantities. I am not much for pills if I can avoid it and it seems that the cold has finally gone. It went last … Continue reading

Gravlax sushi with quinoa

The question I get the most when I tell people that I have moved out of London is do I miss it. London is unique and there is something for everyone. I love going food shopping, there is plenty of everything from all corners of the world and the quality is good because there is … Continue reading

Wabi – a lovely, foodie experience!

One of the great things about London is that the restaurant scene is ever changing. Wabi launched it’s London restaurant before Christmas and I have been wanting to go ever since. They had great reviews so my expectations were high. The head chef is Scott Hallsworth, ex Nobu chef and the write ups have been very … Continue reading

A Japanese lunch in Soho and a lovely tart

Last week I had a lunch meeting. I didn’t choose but as I was with a fellow foodie I had no doubts that it would be great. We went to UKAI on Poland Street in Soho, a Japanese restaurant. Going out with a foodie is great as it means I didn’t have to even read … Continue reading