Classic roast chicken dinner with an Asian twist

I love Sunday dinners, they can take their time, it fills the house with inviting smells, allowing the hunger to build up and to properly sit down and eat together. The classic roast chicken is cooked whole filled with lemon and thyme. I added a whole garlic to the stuffing and some cracked black pepper. … Continue reading


Salmon on my mind

On Friday night I was so hungry I needed something quick and easy so I made a casserole from sausage and beans and a sprinkle of Joes smoked cheese. Not the most sophisticated dish but perfect weeknight food with a glass or two of red. I was thinking yesterday what I would want to eat … Continue reading

Seafood in plenty and a wee dram of whiskey

I spent the last weekend in Edinburgh and it is a bit like a fairy-tale city. I was there with a friend and we spent most of the day on foot just enjoying the atmosphere and on occasion stop for food, drinks and a spot of shopping. We woke up Saturday to a clear blue … Continue reading

Pete’s praised paella cooked on the open fire

I did a trip to Edinburgh very recently and it is just beautiful. The city oozes charm, history and old money. There are superb restaurants and fantastic produce, the seafood is fresh and the meat quality is amazing. This time my trip coincided with (not together with of course!) the prime minister’s trip to Edinburgh. … Continue reading

Veg bake with truffle and pan fried salmon

I had one of those days, just a tiny bit forgetful. I went to get some food after work and only once home realised I had forgotten a few things, isn’t that so annoying? I did think about going back out to the shops but decided to start cooking (too hungry to postpone dinner!) with … Continue reading

Chocolate mousse with raspberry jelly as a perfect ending

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I just know what I want to eat for dinner. It has been fairly grey this week and I felt like something colourful. It was also like a pre Valentines dinner as Valentines is on a Tuesday and I will most likely not have time for cooking. … Continue reading

Hot cackling on a cold winters night

The whole week has been plagued by cold weather and I have had an urge for warm foods. Quite a few lunches were spent eating noodle soup that I buy from across the road. It is quick, easy and healthy. I could feel a cold coming on and decided to start feeding the cold. (any … Continue reading

Warm quinoa salad

It seems to get colder and colder outside and I can feel a cold lurking just waiting to come out. I have quite a lot on so decided to go for a very healthy dinner that hopefully would boost my immune system. I didn’t have time to go to the shops so had to make … Continue reading

Roast beef omelette

Yesterday was quite mild so I thought I wouldn’t need my woolly hat and gloves today, I should have checked the weather forecast. It was freezing! I had some roast beef left over from the weekend and was thinking of making a potato salad but the cold weather made me think that I needed something … Continue reading

A proper Sunday lunch

Sunday lunch is one of the best things of the weekend and this Sunday I had an order for a rib of beef with all the trimmings. I had some mushrooms left over. I removed the stems and filled the caps with the last of the bassajo blue cheese and black garlic and baked it … Continue reading