This week summer has arrived to London, not quite sure for how long but the weather is so warm and sunny it feels like a great treat! The sky is clear blue and it has been up to 21C, just gorgeous. I meet with a friend last night and we decided to go to Cantina … Continue reading

Lamb crackling!

A friend of mine mentioned that he had seen a recipe for belly of lamb, also known as breast of lamb and asked me if I had ever cooked it. I had, until then never even thought about it and was intrigued, to the degree that I had to cook it and sooner rather than … Continue reading

A light dinner of roast chicken with savoy cabbage

I love Saturdays. It has been an intense week and I love brunch on weekends. I did sleep in a little late and made the effort to go to the butcher for bacon and the bakers for a freshly baked loaf. I ate the brunch taking it easy watching Saturday kitchen feeling inspired for a … Continue reading

Whisky cocktails, inspired by World of Whiskys

This week I spoke at the World of Whisky’s conference. You might wonder what on earth I did there and I almost did myself but I was invited to talk about how to advertise to women, half of the population, still not a big base for whisky drinking. One of the conclusions is that whisky … Continue reading

Pork loin with crackling, garlic mash and blueberry pie

I was away for a large part of the week so had a request for pork loin, cooked whole with crackling if possible for Sunday lunch. I haven’t cooked anything for what feel like ages so went for a full on breakfast, there was bacon from the butchers, I did a test and put maple … Continue reading

Yellow vegetarian chilli

I found canned Pomodori tomatoes in the store and had to try them! I love the red colour of tomatoes but the yellow just intrigued me. What better way to try it than to make a vegetarian curry and serve with a toast and cheese. The day was almost only totally crap foods, it started … Continue reading

Meatloaf hash

Monday night and I need dinner. I didn’t feel that I needed to buy anything, and cooked from the fridge and freezer. I found a few different things and decided to make a hash using the following: • Leftover meatloaf, diced • An organic Frankfurter from the butcher, sliced • Light halumi cheese, diced I … Continue reading

Citrus stuffed trout with sticky coconut rice

I had all the best laid plans for a weekend of cooking superfoods, loaded with vitamins, amino acids and everything else you can think of! Of course my carefully thought out plans didn’t quite work, my friends and myself ended up in a Nepalese restaurant with the dignified name The Royal Ghurkha. When we arrived, … Continue reading

That famous prawn sandwich

A lot of restaurants have a signature dish that will remain a favourite year after year. At Heaven23 at Gothia Towers in Gothenburg they took inspiration from Rhode Island on the US east coast for a king size prawn sandwich. Bigger is better was the thought and the name is simply King Size. This very … Continue reading